Cornell Bowers College of Computing and Information Science
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Clubs & Organizations

Engaged learning beyond the classroom

Cornell Bowers CIS students enhance their educational experiences by engaging broadly through student-led clubs and organizations.

These organizations provide the opportunity for students to develop technical and leadership skills, find and provide mentorship, and foster relationships with potential employers.

Association of Computer Science Undergraduates

The Association of Computer Science Undergraduates (ACSU) is Cornell's chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery. Membership is open to all students at Cornell University. Those interested in computer science or computers in general are strongly encouraged to join. Our primary purpose is to enhance the undergraduate experience in computer science. We do this by promoting professional, social, and educational interaction among students interested in computers or computer science, as well as facilitating students' communication with CS faculty, alumni, and corporate representatives. 

Information Science Student Association

Information Science is one of the fastest growing and cutting edge majors offered at Cornell University. The Information Science Student Association (ISSA) is here to improve the student experience and spread the word about the major. The ISSA plans networking events, social events, corporate information sessions and tech talks with faculty.

Women in Computing at Cornell

Women in Computing at Cornell (WICC) is a student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery for Women (ACM-W). Its goal is to bring together and support women in computing at Cornell through networking, mentorship and outreach.

Under-Represented Minorities in Computing

URMC is a student group at Cornell with the goal is to bring together and support underrepresented minority students in computing at Cornell through networking and mentorship.


BigRed//Hacks is the first ever student-run, large-scale hackathon at Cornell University. Across three days, students from all across the northeast will gather to build the coolest and most innovative projects, meet amazing people, and win some prizes along the way!

Cornell AppDev

An open-source project team that builds products to improve the lives of our community. 

Cornell Data Science

The Cornell Data Science project team aims to bring students into the world of data science. We do this by educating students through our introductory course, analyzing data and making predictive models in our projects, and providing opportunities to connect with professors and industry professionals.

Cornell 3 Day Startup 

The mission of 3 Day Startup is to build entrepreneurial capabilities and cultures on university campuses. We do this by helping teams at universities around the globe organize 3DS events that help turn students into entrepreneurs, and connect those students with a powerful network of mentors, investors and talent.

Cornell Software Entrepreneurship & Startup Engineering (SENSE)

We are a group of students who dream of founding successful software companies one day. Running a startup company requires a plethora of knowledge and experience, but what we learn from classes and textbooks are often limited. That is why we gather to foster our understanding of entrepreneurship and to maximize opportunities to interact with software entrepreneurs who have already made their first steps toward their ultimate goal: establishing sustainable businesses in the quickly shifting software industry.